Use AI to convert customers’ testimonies into new sales

Text and video testimonials from your customers are scattered all over the internet. Collect and incorporate them into your sales funnel fast and easy. No need for website hosting. No need for advanced tools.

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Import testimonials from multiple sources

You can easily fetch testimonials from the four corners of the internet such as popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Get a dedicated Wall of Love page

You automatically get a customizable web page to flaunt all the testimonials from your customers

An AI Assistant Designed Just For You

Chat with a customised AI-powered assistant to help you carry out tasks ranging from the creation of content for ads and posts, analysing your business for what your customers love the most, and much more

Embed testimonials in your website or app

Keep the testimonials you have received where your prospects can easily see them. Embed them in your website via our embed script, libraries, packages, or APIs

Go social with your testimonials

Create attention-grabbing flyers and banners with testimonials. Use these as social proof to promote your business on social media and other platforms to boost sales

See real-time analytics

Remove the guesswork from your business. See real-time analytics such as page views, video views, and more from your dashboard. With this, you can know what testimonial to promote more

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For Professionals

Customization at your fingertips

Our next-gen studio is filled with extremely flexible customization features that will open up your dam of creativity

A Internal View of Custimony's Studio

Analyze your customers’ testimonials using our finely-tuned AI-powered assistant

Testimonials are not just words. They are priceless gems hidden in plain sight. Tap into the true value of your customers’ testimonials with our AI assistant, Custy

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For Developers

Love tinkering?
We do too!

Use our embed script, libraries, packages and APIs to display the testimonies how you want them, where you want them.

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Need Integrations?

We’ve got you covered!

We built the ultimate tool for showcasing your satisfied customers. With 3-lines of HTML code, you can embed all your testimonials to any platform! We also support multiple import options out of the box.

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You’ve got questions?

We’ve gotanswers!

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team

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Make your customers testimonies your marketing tool.

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